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marketing your app

Market and share your app with the world by using my formula for creating content and growing your audience. 


this is for you if ...
  • You've built a no / low code app and you're looking to launch it into the world

  • You're ready to ditch the overwhelm and have a step-by-step process to marketing your app.

I've done this process many times before!


that's why I created the
marketing your app workshop

I want to help you launch your app into the world and maintain a steady content creation shedule.

A sneak peak at what's inside

I want to help you launch your app into the world and maintain a steady content creation shedule.

your ideal audience

Creating an ideal customer is about understanding their mindset and how you can help them.

your marketing message

Understanding your customer’s journey will help you place your marketing message in the right spaces to help walk them through towards downloading your app or purchasing content. 

platforms & types of content

Pick which platforms that you want to use to get your marketing out there.

the content categories

Knowing which categories are ideal for your marketing and will help you curate and schedule content with enough variety to keep your audience interested. 

keywords, SEO & hashtags

This is all about how customers will find your app around the web, social media or online referrals.

building a schedule

Consistency is key. Posting regularly helps all the algorithms learn about your content, your brand and your message.

growing your ideas bucket

Gather ideas and inspiration and grow your ideas bucket.

calendar template

A calendar template to help you build out your content strategy each month.

creating content

Learn how to create your content and schedule it to run without you having to be there all the time.

leveraging ads

Learn about running ads and how you can leverage them to grow your audience.

evaluate & tweak

Align your progress with your marketing goal and use specific metrics to tweak your marketing message if needed.

Everything for only $399 aud
have more questions?
Will I have any ongoing support?

Yes! If you haven't already joined from our App Masterclass course, we have a Facebook group community from our app masterclass for any questions you may have.

I have never done marketing before, will this be helpful?

Absolutely! I've built this workshop for those who have no experience in this field and as a refresher for those who have. It steps you through each stage and you're more than welcome to ask questions.

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