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Kelcy van Koersveld

Founder, Coach & App Developer

With 8+ years in website and app development, design, and coaching, I’ve helped many people bring their vision to life. I now want to be able to help more people build their apps. 


Having built my own project Coobari, I have a unique view on bringing it all together, from business planning, design, and creating the idea to marketing to an audience.


No / low-code app-making is a new industry that unlocks everyday businesses by helping their customers interact with their business in a new way. It saves time and money and gives you complete control over your brand. I am passionate about teaching and empowering business owners to take their products to the next level.


Taking my background in working with kids and being a teacher aide, paired with my love for building websites and apps to create courses and templates that help you easily bring your dream to life!


My speciality is wellness brands, and my main focus is helping coaches, meditation teachers, yoga and pilates instructors, and those who have created tarot and oracle card apps. I have many other skills in building other types of apps, which you can view in my portfolio

work with me

Do you need help creating your app? Contact me to see how I can help.

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