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app masterclass

A course to help you design, create and launch your app.


this is for you if ...
  • You're ready to build your app on FlutterFlow.

  • You want to be part of a supportive community in the process of learning how to put things together.

  • You finally want to build and maintain your own app so that you have full control.

I've done this process many times before!


that's why I created the
app masterclass

I want to teach you how to build and maintain your app. 
Follow my exact steps on how I've built 20+ apps.

Anyone can do it!

A sneak peak at what's inside

I want to help you launch your app into the world and maintain a steady content creation shedule.

phase one
setting up the databse

Learn best practices when building your database and adding in the contents of your app.

design & branding

We run through how to design so that everything syncs up across the app, as well as branding and best design practices.

basic screen flow set up

Here we set up the foundations of your app. Once you see a working model, it's a lot more fun to keep momentum and keep building!

onboarding screens

Setting up the screens as a user signs up to create a cohesive experience.

phase two
10+ videos on various functionality

Group chats, messaging, audio player, video player ect. to suit your app. Copy and paste templates to build faster!

web app testing

Looking at a design profile that includes some colour swatches, fonts and app layouts.

request a function when you're stuck

You can request a function (eg. card shuffle) when you're stuck and I will build it for you.

phase three
creating an app landing page

In order to publish to the stores, we need a website. So we run through creating a quick landing page in FlutterFlow - lowering your overall costs.

creating your developer accounts

Setting up your Apple and Google developer accounts so that you can publish your app. Step-by-step process and help within the community for the trickier parts.

payments & subscriptions

We go through how to set up payments and subscriptions using RevenueCat as well as syncing that with Apple and Google.

testing & tweaking

Final tweaks and testing, asking for feedback and making adjustments when needed. Our community helps with this too!

app store previews

Templates are provided when creating your app store previews, as well as some ideas and tips for creating catchy headlines and image screenshots.

publishing to Apple & Google

The final publish to Apple and Google, with support for any apps that are returned to fix features. We also run through creating future updates and maintaining your app.

Everything for only $899 aud
have more questions?
Will I have any ongoing support?

Yes! If you haven't already joined, we have a Facebook group community for any questions you may have and give you full support along the way.

What are the benefits of going low/no-code?

No-code is a more fast and effective way to get your idea across. The app world has come in leaps and bounds over the last few years. Making it more cost effective and easier than ever to get your app idea into the world. You can manage your own backend and stay on top of things. It's the Wix and Squarespace of the app development world.

How long does it take?

You can go as fast or as slow as you like. The course is built to complete over 6 weeks but there are no limits. You can go at your own pace.

Do you have a portfolio?
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